Thursday, January 8, 2015

Fuzzy Knitting

Katia Jumbo.  Super bulky and gigantic to work with for someone who prefers a nice dk.  It is a fun fuzzy acrylic that works up fast.  Well, the Tree needed a fast shop sample made so I put down the Noro sweater and picked up the Big Needles to make a vest.

This is a re-gauged interpretation of In The Mood by Veronik Avery (click the link - it's free).  The pattern is great and it was easy to change for this fat yarn.

My only issue with the yarn was how to "weave" in the ends.  Normally, I weave in as I go, but that was not working on this yarn.   And I don't think there is a needle eye large enough to thread with this fluffery.

Adaptation was required.  I had to finger weave the ends through the stitches.  It was easy and allowed me to get the tension just right. 

This big super bulky vest is not my style.  It is a style that many will enjoy and within the first day on display in the shop, it garnered attention and several folks tried it on. 

Here is Annette, one of the owners, showing how cute the thing is when worn with style.

Making this vest (and trying it on) reminded me that this yarn world is wide enough and wonderful enough for everyone!

Yarn on people.  Yarn on.

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