Wednesday, September 4, 2013

There Is Still Time To Join In

I was on a mission.  Wearing blinders that allowed me to see only the mission and nothing else, I entered the yarn store.  Stop laughing.  Right now!  I have the strength of will to stick to a plan and only the plan.  Yes I do.  The mission that day was gift certificates to award as prizes to participants in a challenge.  I even brought along the daughter who crochets and she had permission to force me to stick to the mission.  We had made it to the first yarn store and met the mission.  The second store was an easy in and out to get one last certificate, pay in cash and walk out.

My daughter is a wimp. 

Upon entering that den of sticks and string, what did my wandering eyes behold, but a box full of color with only a few selections left unclaimed.  It is not my fault!  Already coordinated and wrapped with cute bows, each available bundle was speaking to me.  Speaking.  BAAH.  BAAH.   BAAH.

I can resist anything except temptation.  Let me repeat - my daughter is a wimp and I am now an official participant (along with thousands of others) in Stephen West's upcoming KAL.  Signed up - following the Ravelry group and discussions - ready for a jolly time knitting a shawl with no photo - and wondering why you are not on this crazy journey with me.   You have time to jump on the bandwagon and cast on when the first clue is released on September 13th.   Friday the 13th. 

This is actually the first time I will do a "mystery" KAL where the clues are released one at a time.  And naturally I have a bit of travel to do during clue 2, so I might be a tad behind in my knitting. 

And, just in case you are wondering, daughter did remind me to get the gift certificate that started the whole thing.  So, in a way, she did her job.  Maybe I am the wimp???

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