Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Public Face of Knitting

Knitters do it.  Crocheters do it.  Even those with no yarn talent do it.  Fess up.  You do it too.  What do all of these folks (basically the whole world) do?  They look at the finishing/matching/sewing/completing that is the result of hand knit or crochet creations.

Seam sewing is a slow and tedious and basically boring task for me.  However, I do try.   Most often my goal when sewing together pieces parts of hand made fabric is to not offend the public.  In other words, I don't want you, gentle reader,  to have that look of "poor thing" on your face whilst uttering the dreaded "bless your heart."

Every so often, the Needle Goddess guides my stitches.

Go ahead and look.

Today I am patting myself on the back and looking smug at my skills.

Today, for this brief shinning moment in my yarn life - - - I ROCK!

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